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Make A Difference To Wildlife

WHEN YOU JOIN with other like-minded individuals, you can make a larger impact on behalf of songbirds, animals and native plants that play a vital role in our ecosystems. WindStar Wildlife Institute depends on your generous support to conduct our e-Learning programs and other activities on behalf of wildlife. WindStar Wildlife Institute is unique among non-profit organizations as 100 percent of your membership dollars go to supporting our environmental education programs and activities, plus your contribution is tax deductible.

Membership and Extra Support Levels:

  • Individual $30
  • Family $50
  • Conservationist $75
  • Steward $100 (Bonus gift: 8×10 fawn photograph)
  • Friend of WindStar $250 (Bonus gift: ‘Mad Bluebird’ mug)
  • Lifetime Naturalist $500 (Bonus gift: Listening To Nature book
  • Business Member $200, $500, $1,000 If you are interested in becoming a Business Member and supporting WindStar’s environmental education programs, send an e-mail ( to WindStar’s President and he will contact you promptly.

To donate via Paypal, please choose the membership level and amount from the drop down list.

To donate via Paypal, please choose the membership level and amount from the drop down list.
Please enter your Paypal email address below, and then click the donate button.:

Plus, you can make an additional contribution to support WindStar’s environmental education programs. Send your check or money order to WindStar at the following address or call 817-889-6299 with your credit card information.

WindStar Wildlife Institute
Donor Desk
6940 Allen Place Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76116

WINDSTAR WILDLIFE INSTITUTE’S mission and solution to the loss of native plants and wildlife habitat due to commercial and residential development, focuses on effectively teaching wildlife habitat improvement through proven methods such as “neighbor helping neighbor” and “education through demonstration”.  The support of concerned individuals like you makes our important work possible.