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Benefits of A WindStar Wildlife Institute Membership

IMAGINE LOOKING out your windows at home and seeing a wonderful wildlife menagerie of birds, beautiful butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, deer and even fox.

If you already have these animal friends nearby, consider yourself lucky. For many, seeing a few birds at a feeder or an occasional squirrel or rabbit is an all-too-rare joy.

But, if you’re like me – someone who loves the land and enjoys sharing wildlife experiences with family and friends – you want more. And you can have it!

You can become a member and supporter of an organization that can help you attract and enjoy local wildlife…and ensure that the animals with which we share our world keep the safe habitat they need to survive.

The sad truth is, wildlife habitat in the United States is disappearing at an alarming pace. Where once there were native forests and prairies, there now are residential developments and commercial businesses. Ponds have been drained and streams polluted. Trees and shrubs have been cut. And the number of endangered species grows larger every year. Yet the survival of our country’s wildlife depends on each of us doing our share to provide the food, water, cover, and space animals need. Right on our property. Right near our homes.

WindStar Wildlife Institute can help. As a national, non-profit, conservation organization dedicated to improving wildlife habitat, we can help you establish or enhance wildlife habitat on your own land or even on an apartment balcony.

Our members and supporters are ordinary people who own or rent property – everything from apartments and small suburban lots to ranches or large farms. They are housewives, educators, farmers, ranchers, wildlife professionals, bird watchers, small businessmen and businesswomen, 4-H and FFA leaders and members, teenagers, government employees, corporate executives, veterinarians and retired people.

And, I’d like you to join them.

By joining the WindStar Wildlife Institute now, you can receive a host of valuable member benefits, including a year’s subscription to the award-winning WindStar Wildlife eNews. In this full-color periodical, you’ll receive the best wildlife habitat information available anywhere. You’ll have a chance to learn what works and what doesn’t in creating an area attractive to wildlife, about individual wildlife species you might find on your property and what is happening in the world of wildlife and conservation.

Our goal is simple: to help you turn your property, small or large, into a wildlife oasis.

As a member, you will have exclusive permission to print any of the nearly 40 pamphlets in our Tips For Improving Your Wildlife Habitat series. This is a “goldmine” of helpful information you can share with family members and friends. For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the birds and animals on your property
  • How to build and install nesting boxes and feeders
  • How to create special areas for wildlife viewing and photography
  • What and when to feed wildlife
  • How to raise wildflowers on your property
  • How to create wildlife travel corridors
  • Why diversification is necessary in your habitat

You’ll learn which native grasses, trees, and shrubs wildlife like best. Which foods wildlife prefer in feeders. How to attract more butterflies. The best ways to provide water. How to design a landscape attractive to wildlife. And, the myths about birdfeeding. You’ll enjoy do-it-yourself wildlife habitat projects that are fun for the whole family. And, you’ll discover the interesting habits and needs of different species of wildlife to help you decide which species you’d like to attract.

But there’s even more. In addition to WindStar Wildlife eNews, you’ll receive:

  • A handsome membership certificate you’ll be proud to display in your home or office
  • Substantial discounts on nature products
  • FREE plans for building bird feeders and nesting boxes
  • Invitations to attend special wildlife seminars and workshops
  • Access to the Institute’s extensive wildlife habitat information clearinghouse and results from our habitat research
  • And much, much more!

You’ll have an opportunity to certify your wildlife habitat through the Institute’s American Wildlife Habitat Registry ProgramSM and a chance to certify yourself in the Certified WindStar Wildlife Habitat Naturalist” e-learning course or in the advanced “Certified WindStar National Master Naturalist” course.

So how much does all this fun, education, and worthwhile endeavor cost? Surprisingly little.

Through this special invitation, you can become a full-fledged member of the WindStar Wildlife Institute for only $30. We also have a variety of other membership plans, depending on your level of support.

So that’s my story. I started the WindStar Wildlife Institute as a labor of love, and I’d like you to join me in it. We won’t write you monthly letters asking for donations, but we will share our expert knowledge so that you can have and keep wildlife in your life.

Together, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that a marvelous variety of animal and plant species remain for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations to enjoy.

I firmly believe that you will enjoy and be proud to be a member of the WindStar Wildlife Institute. If that ever proves false, just drop me a note and I’ll refund your dues right away. No questions asked. I have no interest in selling you something you don’t want.

For now, I’m hoping you’ll join us. Believe me, an incredible wildlife experience lies in store for you.

Warmest regards,

Thomas D. Patrick
Founder and President